I’m not really one for                     looking back
or holding on to things.                  We’ve never
really been a family that’s sat               around
telling stories about how               things were.
Tried so hard to forget                    now no one
can remember. I don’t        want to remember.
I wanted the door                          open because
I was scared of the dark but                         you
wanted it closed because you                     were
more scared of the light.                                I’m
sorry you were scared of                     the light.

We will rise

As-salamu alaykum, and also with you
We will rise

We will kneel to pray at the hospital bed,
the graveyard, the sajada… then
We will rise

This is us. In shame, shock, anger, denial, disbelief,
grief, reflection, reconstruction and acceptance
We will rise

With us we bring those who have passed beyond the
veil so we can weep; farewell, farewell, farewell
We will rise

People of all cultures – we will rise
People of all faiths – we will rise
We will stand together
We will make a stand