Stripped of flesh, hair, voice
I may be what you think you want
but I won’t be what you need.
Rendered skin deep I have nothing
of substance to offer, no weight
assigned to what I say and do
insubstantial, invisible,
you have no idea how you be-little me
…but I am be-lot. I will not
settle for be-less, I want to be-more
I do not aspire to be loved by you
I aspire to love myself

He said/She said


He:  You
She: Yes
He: But
She: I know
He: When
She: Does it matter?
He: Come here
She: No
He:  I told you to come here
She: Why?
He: You have to do as you’re told
She: I don’t have to do anything
He: Don’t you want to come here?
She: Yes
He: Well then
She: That’s not the point
He: What do you want me to do? Grovel? Beg?
She: That would hurt you
He: Yes
She: What do I gain from that?
He: Well, it might make you feel better
She: You know exactly what makes me feel better
Ironic isn’t it?
The best thing you can do for me
is leave